Sunday, August 28, 2011

Problem Fixed: External Case Keyboard Shift Keys Do Not Work on your Flytouch 3 Tablet

Some users of Flytouch have reported issues with shift keys on External Case Keyboard they purchase along with it. The numbers would not work and letters would not capitalize upon pressing the shift key on the keyboard. This issue is not due to the keyboard defect but rather the compatibility of that specific keyboard with your device. If the shift key doesn't work on your flytouch external keyboard there is a simple fix you can implement within 2 minutes of time and completely FREE:
  1. Go to Anroid Market and install the SwiftKey Keyboard.
  2. Go to  "Settings -> Language & Keyboard" and select the SwiftKey check mark. 
  3. Open up any text field on your tablet and long-press that text field. 
  4. Select "Input Method" -> "Swift Key Keyboard
That's it! 


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