Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ARM Processors & Chipsets Visualized

ARM (Advanced RISC Machine) chipset architecture developed by the ARM holdings back in 1987 has been a dominant force in the portable electronics industry. In 2005 about 98% of mobile phones were running on ARM processor and today, in 2012 virtually all Android tablet chipset are based on ARM architecture. The earliest of ARM chipset family was ARM7, while the newest and most powerful ARM Cortex A15. The below lists incorporates various chipset models grouped by chipset families, from oldest family at the top to the newest at the bottom of the list.

The ARM Cortex™-A15 MPCore™ processor is the highest-performance licensable processor the industry. Devices with Cortex A15 to be released in 2013 it will include smartphones, tablets, mobile computing, high-end digital home, servers and wireless infrastructure
ARM Cortex A15 Chipset Models
Texas Instruments OMAP 5430
Texas Instruments OMAP 4470
Texas Instruments OMAP 5432

Available as either a single core or configurable multicore processor, with both synthesizable or hard-macro implementations available. This processor can scale across a wide variety of applications while enabling a consistent software investment across multiple markets.
ARM Cortex A9 Chipset Models
Texas Instruments OMAP 4460
Samsung Exynos 4210
NVIDIA Tegra 250 (Tegra 2)
NVIDIA Tegra 250 3D (Tegra 2 3D)
NVIDIA Tegra 3
Amlogic 8726-M
Apple A5
Renesas EV2
Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 

Based on the ARMv7 architecture and has the ability to scale in speed from 600MHz to greater than 1GHz. The Cortex-A8 processor can meet the requirements for power-optimized mobile devices needing operation in less than 300mW; and performance-optimized consumer applications requiring 2000 Dhrystone MIPS
ARM Cortex A8 Chipset Models
Freescale iMX515
Apple A4
Samsung S5PC110
Samsung S5PC100
Texas Instruments OMAP 3430
Freescale iMX535
Rockchip 29xx
Texas Instruments OMAP 3410
Texas Instruments OMAP 3420
Texas Instruments OMAP 3440
Texas Instruments OMAP 3503
Texas Instruments OMAP 3515
Texas Instruments OMAP 3525
Texas Instruments OMAP 3530
Texas Instruments OMAP 3621
Texas Instruments OMAP 3630 

The ARM11™ MPCore™ multicore processor implements the ARM11 microarchitecture and brings multicore scalability with 1 to 4 cores from a single RTL base, enabling simple system design with a single macro to integrate with up to 4x the performance of a single core. The ARM11 MPCore processor brings efficient coherency using built-in SCU, and is supported by a wide range of OS with ARM SMP capability. The processor extends the ARMv6 architecture with PIPT caches, supporting 16KB-64KB L1 caches efficiently.
ARM 11 Chipset Models
Telechips TCC8901
infoTMIC IMAPx220
infoTMIC IMAPx210
infoTMIC IMAPx200
Samsung S3C6410
Samsung S5L8900
Telechips TCC8902


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