Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to format an SD card

If you are looking to update the firmware on your Android device the instructions may advise you to "format" a micro SD card before saving the firmware files to it. So how exactly do you format an SD card? It is very simple process that usually takes less than a minute:

Formatting on a Computer
1. Insert the small micro SD card into slot located at the bottom of the the larger SD card adapter. Insert the combination into the computer’s SD card slot
2. Open the "My Computer" 3. Right-click on the drive your micro SD card is inserted into and choose the "Format" option from the menu that appears. Click the "Start" button at the bottom of the "Format" menu.

Formatting With a Cellphone 
1. Insert the Sandisk micro SD card into the card slot on your cellphone. The card slots on some older micro SD enabled phones is behind the phone's battery. Power your phone down before removing the battery.
2. Hit your phone's menu button. In the menu, locate the "Settings" or "Setting and Tools" option. Browse the "Settings" menu for the "Memory" option. 3. Locate the "Card Memory" option from and then choose the format option to erase the SD card.


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