Monday, August 1, 2011

Before you do Hard Reset: Safe Mode on VIA WM8650

This simple procedure can resolve a lot of issues on the VIA WM8650 Tablet. When there are too many applications loaded on the tablet or there is just one problem application, the tablet may go into a force close loop. And no matter how many times the device is restarted all applications will keep closing. You may not be able to remove the 'problem app' without a hard reset which erases all settings and downloads from the tablet. Fortunately, there is 'Android Safe Mode' which enables you to unistall the application causing issues without performing the 'hard reset'

  1. Power on the tablet
  2. Wait for Android Animation to finish
  3. When it says "Loading" press and hold the 'MENU' button
  4. As soon as the tablet begins vibrating release the 'MENU' button
  5. The tablet will vibrate once more before it turns on
  6. 'Safe Mode' should be displayed in the lower left of the screen


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