Thursday, July 28, 2011

Set Wi-Fi Sleep Policy to Never on Flytouch

A lot of Flytouch users have reported an issue with Wi-fi that turns off on its own after a period of time. There is actually a setting on the device that can be adjusted in order for it to keep from disconnecting. All you need to do is to set the wi-fi sleep policy to 'never'. Although this may drain some of the battery life, it will alleviate the headaches from wi-fi disconnecting. 
  1. Open 'SETTINGS' icon on the home screen
  2. Click 'Wireless & Networks'
  3. Click 'Wi-fi Settings'
  4. Hit 'MENU' button at the top of the tablet or the screen
  5. Once it's open go to 'ADVANCED'
  6. Click 'WiFi Sleep Policy'
  7. Select 'Never'


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