Tuesday, July 26, 2011

T-Mobile G2x updated finally comes around, BUT not worth downloading yet.

Finally, after a long wait, we have the update that we waited for over a month. The T-Mobile G2x phones get the update through the LG website. BUT, there is a situation now, as Mike would say from Jersey Shore. After speaking with the LG representative over chat, we were told the update is available, but not something you want to download as of now. After investigating a bit more, we found out that the Android 2.3 is still having problems. A lot of customers called LG support team complaining about these issued aligned below:

-Phone is stuck on update screen.
-It automatically booted off and won't turn on.
-Stuck on the logo screen.

Now we're not sure how many more issues the update is bringing along as of now, but the LG representative clearly stated to wait a few days before downloading the update.

It's sad that after a long due wait, we face an update that is yet again, disappointing. Do we blame LG for this? Perhaps, but I think it is time for the company to make an official statement apologizing for lowering the image they want us to perceive of their company.


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