Tuesday, January 10, 2012

100% FULL Android Market on generic tablets: WM8650, Flytouch, Zenithink

iPad and Tablet PC industry is one of the fastest growing in the technological world today, with iPad leading the market, Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid, and one of the most exciting ones out recently, the Asus Eepad hitting the store shelves. But there is still one BIG problem tablet-wanna-have's face: money. Tablet is still considered more of an entertainment device and spending $600 on games and movies is out of reach for most average consumers. This is where the "generic" tablets manufactured in China come in and save the day. A 7" WM8650 can be purchased for under $100 and 10" Flytouch can be purchased for around $200. Not a shaggy investment.

Thousands of consumers went shopping during the Christmas season and purchased WM8650, Flytouch, Zenithink, and other generic tablets for themselves, friends and loved ones. To their big disappointment they received a tablet and realized that it does not connect to wifi properly, drains battery fast, and most importantly does not have a FULL Android market. If this is the case with you please visit fapoquest.com to obtain a firmware that fixes most of these issues. Once you install the firmware you may still experience issues locating applications like Skype, Angry Birds, Google Maps, and other on the Android market. This is because of the cache issue with Android market and here are the steps to fix it:

1. Open the Market and press the home button to return
2. Go to Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running
3. Press "Market"
4. Press "Clear cache" (do not clear data)
5. Press "Force stop"
6. Return to "Settings \ Applications \ Manage \ Running"
7. Press "Google Services Framework"
8. Press "Clear Data"
9. Press "Force Stop"
10. Start Google Market, it must give an error
11. Reboot, once back Market should work, if it gives an error it could need another minute to work
12. Test the access, search Skype, Angry Birds on the market, it should return 400+ results including the original Skype and google's apps like maps / streetview / docs


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