Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Add Apps and Widgets to Your Homescreen

As of now Android is the most popular mobile device operating system with 250,000+ applications available on the Android Market. With such variety you may be tempted to download overbearing amount of games and applications that it becomes hard to navigate to a specific one on your device. It becomes especially frustrating having to find an application you use multiple times a day such as Pandora, for example, in the midst of dozen others. If this describes your problem then we have a solution. Add your favorite games, widgets and applications to the home screen. So whenever you press "home" you will easily access those apps and widgets you use frequently right from your home page.

How to add apps to your home screen:
  1. Go to the main page listing all of the applications
  2. Press your favorite app and hold it for a few seconds
  3. The system should automatically transfer you to the homescreen
  4. Release the app in the home screen location that you desire
How to add widgets to your homescreen
  1. Click on the home button
  2. Long press on an empty field on your homepage
  3. A selection menu will pop up, click "Add Widget"
  4. Select the desired widget
The video below describes in detail how to add widgets to your homepage


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