Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to change wallpaper on your Android Device

So you just got a brand new shiny Android device and you are looking for a way to get rid of that boring default wallpaper? Well, look no further because we are here to help you get something that you want set on your device. Each device comes with a number of pre-installed static wallpapers, along with live wallpapers which users can select. Fortunately, you are not stuck with these, and you can install just about anything you want, so if you are looking for something different hop in the Android Market and download one of the many wallpaper apps available, and browse for one you like. Once you find and save a wallpaper that you want to your device, you have two different options of how to set it, so let's take a look at those. 
  1. From your home screen press menu   , then select wallpapers or from your app drawer select your gallery icon
  2. Navigate your gallery to find the picture you wish to set as the wallpaper and click on it
  3. Use the box to select the portion of the wallpaper you want to use
  4. In the lower left corner you will accept the size, then wait a second for it to set as wallpaper
  5. Once you receive a confirmation that it has been set, hit the home button and view your wallpaper
If you happen to hit the home button before the device confirms that the wallpaper is set, it may not actually set it so you will have to go back and do it all again. Error on the side of caution and give it a few seconds to complete and set itself as the wallpaper.


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